Get Your Home Spring Ready

Now that spring is finally around the corner, it’s time for you to embrace all the beauty Mother Nature has to provide. Gone are those dreary cold months (or at least days in Dallas/Fort Worth) that left you stuck inside your home or office all day. Winters can be very dull, especially for people living in Texas who love the outdoors. Sunny days will soon be here, bringing light and warmth. It’s time to decorate your home for spring!

Spring represents birth and color. The season can warm your heart as it fills your lungs with the scents of various flowers and fills your ears with the sounds of birds chirping in the trees. Kiss the winter blues goodbye and embrace the color and ardor of spring with open arms. The season also brings more reason for you to socialize and invite friends and family over. This gives you the perfect opportunity to decorate your home to celebrate the warmer (if only slightly) months. Here are some creative ideas that will help you get started.

Refresh the outside of your home with some bursts of color

Now that winter is almost out of the picture, it’s time to bring back some colors to your home. This is very easy to do and all it takes are some items you may already have lying around at home. Spruce up your front steps with some potted plants. Flowering plants are a major plus. You’ll love the colors when the flowers bloom. You could also place a colorful doormat at your front door to make your neighbors feel more welcome. Invite birds to your home by hanging colorful birdhouses in your backyard.

Invite colors back into your home

The inside of your home is more important than the outside because this is where you live and entertain guests. Place some colorful items on your shelves and tables such as vases, bowls, etc. that will help improve the atmosphere greatly. You could also place bowls of potpourri in your living room. These are great because not only are they colorful and attractive, they also make your rooms smell great. Vibrant cushions and paintings are also a great way to refresh your home’s appearance.

Create a palette for your home

Choose a springtime color theme for your home and color coordinate as many items possible. This will help you create a palette that will make your house look more inviting and happy. Decorate window treatments, light fixtures, rugs, cushions, chairs, paintings, with your chosen color palette.

Add patterns

Bold patterns are a great way to make a statement. Add motifs or geometric patterns to your walls, lighting fixtures, bed spreads, etc., and you’ll notice how easily they rejuvenate the appearance of your rooms. Choose bright colors like green, orange, or yellow to maintain a spring-summer theme.

Nothing says spring like flowers

You can’t debate it, this is true. With spring comes beautiful flowers, bumblebees, and colorful birds, and the best way to celebrate the season is by indulging a little. Place colorful spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, irises, roses, and peonies in vases around your home. If you’re looking for the flowers to last longer, you should consider buying plastic flowers. They don’t smell as nice as real ones, but they look very real and can last you a lifetime. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to flowers in vases alone. Floral motifs on your walls or floral-designed bedspreads and curtains are a fantastic way to add a refreshing touch to your home’s décor.

Spring months in Texas are the most wonderful time of the year. With the dull winter months gone and the temperature slowly increase, you know that spring is on its way. Now is the best time for you to rejuvenate your home’s décor. You could try simple ideas to decorate like colorful themes, paintings, vividly colored cushions, and indoor plants that will help you celebrate the coming of spring. No matter the method, the idea is to make your home appear more fun and welcoming. You could also add in some personal touches like photographs and decorations that will help make your home ready for spring.