Cost-Efficient Ways to Upgrade and Add Value to Your Home in North Texas

Owning a home in North Texas can be expensive if it needs significant upgrades, renovation, and repair work. Nowadays because of the increasing costs of hiring labor, most people are learning how to do home repairs and renovations themselves as it’s easier, faster, and most importantly much more cost effective than hiring contractors and laborers from companies. And, thanks to home improvement blogs and channels like HGTV, it’s not too difficult to find the inspiration and instructions to tackle most home improvement tasks.

Here are a few cost efficient and effective ways to carry out different types of repairs in your home in North Texas without emptying your wallet.

Paint your own walls

When you move into a house that has had previous owners you might despise the way they’ve been keeping the interiors of the house. For example, you might hate the color of the wall paint or it may have peeled off completely and may need at least 2 coats of fresh paint.

Doing your own painting is a great way to keep busy in the initial days of moving into a new home and will help you save loads of money. Hiring painters in North Texas don’t come cheap and you’re better off painting the walls yourself (provided you have the patience to do the job right). The colors you use on the walls can totally transform the interiors of your home and give it a great upgrade. Couple that with some beautiful but soft lighting and you’ll have people asking you for interior decorating tips.

Revamp the kitchen

What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that spending a little extra money on a good dishwasher can actually help you save a lot on repairs and replacements to the dishwasher later. An old and outdated dishwasher will not only ruin your plumbing in the kitchen but will hike up the water and electricity bills unnecessarily.

Installing a state of the art dishwasher with advanced technology can help you save close to 500 gallons of water in a year and money on your electricity bill. Also, when you wash the dishes by hand you’re actually consuming 40 percent more water than a dishwasher would plus enduring the mundane task of having to wash dishes, which all of us hate doing!

Another great way to save money in the kitchen and get an upgrade is to use magnetic induction cookers instead of gas burners or stoves. Not only are they much cheaper and can save you loads of money on the gas and electricity bills, but are more environment-friendly and safer to use if you have kids in the house.

You could also revamp the kitchen counters and cabinets by painting it with a new and bright color, or trying out some of the available counter-top refinishing kits at your local hardware store. You won’t need a lot of money just some sandpaper, a strong cleaning agent, some elbow grease, and paintbrushes. Painting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can make them look brand new and is much cheaper than buying new cabinets, and giving your counter-tops a facelift can make your kitchen look and feel brand new.

Sometimes redoing the floors with wood, tile or marble can be really expensive. An increasingly popular trend is saving money by going with a wood laminate. This can save considerable money, and if done correctly will look great. If you’re set on ceramic tile, look for sales or closeouts online. Depending on how much tile you need, you can likely find great deals on last year’s tiles. Don’t worry too much on buying the latest and greatest colors. If your existing flooring is worn and outdated, even flooring that is last year’s hot item will be a vast improvement.

Shut away with shutters

Instead of hanging up curtains like everyone else bring back the concept of shutters and shades to your home and be different. Privacy is essential in your home and shutters can do a better job of keeping the neighbors’ prying eyes out than curtains do. Shutters also add a touch of beauty and elegance to the house and can add historical and architectural value to a suburban home in North Texas. They help regulate the heat and cold and are very easy and cheap to install, clean and maintain. Using shutters will also give you some freedom in updating your decorating in a few years. It’ll be easier to repaint shutters than replace curtains every year.