Stir Up Some Envy with these Stellar Kitchen Renovation Ideas

So, your kitchen is in desperate need of an overhaul, but you don’t have the budget to go ahead with it? Well, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you follow these simple, yet, super creative renovation ideas. Even the tiniest addition or modification can bring in a world of change. So, let’s get to it.

Create Some Space for Dining

If you’ve got a small kitchen, you obviously don’t have enough space in there to accommodate a full dining room. However, there is bound to be some usable space, you might just have to get creative. Look for a spot with light coming in. Using limited space to build a bench facing a small dining table is a great way to make use of limited dining space. Though it may not be comfortable enough for a dinner, it can be quite useful for a quick breakfast and coffee session. It’s also not very expensive to get done. In fact, with the right tools and guidance, you can probably install one yourself.

Cabinet Practicality

There is a general misconception among homeowners that cabinets aren’t a big deal as long as they offer enough storage space. Don’t miss an opportunity to add some creativity and personality to your kitchen. Cabinets can be stylish too, as long as you’re willing to be a little creative and open to new ideas. For instance, some people replace closed cabinets with open shelves to display their crockery. This kind of open setting adds a certain aesthetic value and allows you to arrange your kitchen items in a stylish way. Also, an open cabinet can create the atmosphere of roominess.

Similarly, you can switch to deep drawers instead of lower cabinets to store your pans and pots. That way, you won’t have to crouch down and take out your kitchenware. Instead, you can just pull out the drawers and access whatever you need. Nothing gets pushed to the back of the cabinet never to be seen again. A simple idea such as this can increase the efficiency in your kitchen.

More Light

Natural light is something that homeowners crave, and these days, it’s kind of a luxury. One way to make sure your kitchen gets enough natural light is by removing the blinds. This will bring in much more natural light, giving it the appearance of an open space. Not only will this make your kitchen look better; it will even improve the general atmosphere inside.

Create an Island

Kitchen islands are basically small spaces created for storage that are not part of the primary kitchen structure. For example, a small table can serve as a kitchen island to store all your extra sauces, condiments and other kitchen items. You can take things further by adding a little flair. How about painting that island with your favorite shade? You can also fix some hangers on the sides to hang your pots, pans, and ladles. Adding a kitchen island can be a great way to increase storage space, counter space and an opportunity to add some flair along with functionality.

Cabinet Modifications

You can always create more space within your existing cabinets. All you have to do is install hangers where you can hang cups and other utensils. Having trouble with measurement conversions? How about you add some chalk-paint to the inside of the cabinet door to take notes? This can be quite useful for a lot of things other than just measurements. You can even write down recipes instead of carrying a cook book around to guide you. I have seen a lot of creative uses for chalk paint over the last year. Need inspiration? Check out Pinterest for some creative paint ideas.


If natural light remains a challenge, just go for the best alternative – more lighting. Nothing boosts the atmosphere more than a good amount of lighting. Adding lighting that contrasts with your kitchen décor can do wonders, aesthetically and ambience-wise. In most cases, the kitchen is where families will spend the majority of their time (if you don’t count sleep time in the bedrooms).

Add a Swing-Out Tap

This is more of a practical addition than an aesthetic one. Do you often find yourself shifting large pots of water from the sink to the cook top? Well, you can sort the problem out by installing a swing-out tap. These are fixed near the cooktop itself, so, when you need water, you just swing it towards the pot and let the water run. This is an addition that may require a little more work, and in most cases will need to be done by a plumber, but can be something that sets your kitchen apart from other homes in your neighborhood.