Top Trends for Bathroom Remodeling

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom and want to be in sync with the latest trends? Here are some of the top trends for bathroom updates that will definitely help you with your project.

Bathroom designs inspired by Mediterranean styles

Here’s a style for your bathroom update, where old-world charm meets glamour; the former draws its inspiration from Mediterranean styles based on traditional designs found in exotic destinations such as Portugal, Morocco and Spain. The look is an elegant mix of contemporary metallic with charming hand-painted terracotta. You need not use the style in abundance in your bathroom, rather use it in the tub or shower area or maybe in the form of a backsplash. This is the perfect scenario where there is a fusion of old and new, where the retro colors of the 1970s are mixed with classic arabesque elements.

Go for practical and smart bathroom storage space

When you go for practical storage, your bathroom will be always in vogue. It makes sense to leverage available vertical space so that your cabinetry can be taken up the walls. If you are not in favor of built-in cabinetry in your bathroom, you can use an antique or an intriguing piece of furniture in its place. Hunting for antique or interesting pieces can often be just as fun as the update itself. Think garage sales and antique shopping. Incorporating open shelves is still regarded as trendy. Moreover, it is quite practical in your bathroom.

The demands of classic whites will never fade away

In the fashion world, your pair of denim is versatile and will never go out of style (maybe with the exception of skinny jeans). The same sense applies for white-colored subway tile. These tiles are versatile as they can be combined with any type of look. You can combine it with traditional pieces of furniture as well as fixtures to achieve that perfect timeless look. In fact, white subway tiles are best used with dark colors like black or even gray. This is particularly true for your bathroom since there is less likelihood of it getting stained with soap residue and mild.

Use of three-dimensional tiles

These tiles are monochromatic and yet delightful to the touch. The 3-dimensional tiles are inspired by Hollywood regency. They have a stylish look and yet incorporate the funkiness of the 1970s. The three-dimensional tiles for your bathroom are available in symmetrical as well as organic waves.

Towels and in-floor heat

If you’re looking for a larger bathroom update idea, or something that will almost certainly set your bathroom apart from most homes, you may want to consider in-floor heating. When you feel that extra warmth in your newly remodeled bathroom, there is an element of luxury attached to it. Your warm towel or warm toes can make you feel cozy even on a cold day. You can incorporate energy-efficient radiant floor heat in your bathroom, as the heat will touch your body while warming you entirely from bottom up. You can take your pick from two kinds of radiant flooring: hydronic and electric.

Like the idea of in-floor heating, but want something a little less expensive? One less expensive and easier option is to install electric mats since a separate system is required to power on the heat. The electric system of your home can operate them. On the other hand, an independent power source is needed to run a hydronic system. For example, you need to have a heat pump so that water can flow through a pipe. While a hydronic system is costlier to install, it is cost-effective to operate it in the long run. No matter what you choose, your radiant floor heating system will operate best with tiles and natural stone as they have thermal properties so that the heat can be held better.

Your bathroom gadgets should be easy to use

If you find that the no-threshold showers with side-mounted faucets and toilets that vary with comfortable heights are high on the popularity list, it’s because they’re practical to operate. There are many merits of installing curbless showers in your bathroom. They are not only easy to clean but can give a larger look to your bathroom.

There are several homeowners who are doing away with their existing built-in bathtubs and creating a combination wet-room of shower and bathtub. If you are complying with the ADA or when the gadgets are easily accessible, the resale value of your home can go up significantly. The reason for this is you are then offering more choices to your potential buyers. Moreover, the design aesthetic of your bathroom looks cool. One of the features that offer ease-of-use in your bathroom is a floating vanity. They are easy to use as their heights are easy to customize or adjust. Moreover, a floating vanity looks like a stylish custom piece of furniture or art.