How to Prepare your North Texan Home for the Summer

In a state like Texas, the summers can be ruthless. The blistering heat, the boiling tarmac, and the lack of shade can be a real curse. Most people choose to stay indoors during the summer (or not too far from a body of water) and for good reason. With temperatures reaching triple digits, going outside would be like walking through a furnace.

Blistering summers can also cause severe health issues like heatstroke and dehydration. So, it’s essential that you take care of your health as well as your family. Don’t forget about your pets, or for those with rural lifestyles, livestock. There have been cases where cattle have passed out or even died from dehydration and fatigue.

Just like taking care of your health, you must also prepare your home for the coming months when temperatures reach sky-high levels. Now that winter is gone, your beautiful home in North Texas must be ready to face the sweltering merciless heat. Here are some tips that can help you prep your home for the summer.

Keep calm and stay cool

If your home does not have air conditioning and the temperature is rising, don’t fret. What you need to do is prevent heat from entering your home. Seal and caulk gaps in windows and edges of doors.

Your next step is to keep your home as ventilated as possible. If your home is equipped with air conditioning, what you need to do first is check the HVAC. Change air filters and remove debris and leaves from the condensing unit located outside. This will allow your AC to work without any issues. Don’t forget to follow the directions mentioned in the user manual before you start. Many Dallas/Fort Worth heating and cooling companies offer service plans to check your system as the seasons change. Contact me for recommendations for reputable HVAC services.

Prevent water damage

In Dallas/Fort Worth, when the summer rolls in, you can expect some thunderstorms and rains. And one of the most important things you should do is protect your property from water damage. Starting with the foundation, check for leaks and cracks. You could also fix drainage around your house to direct rain water away. Check your gutters and downspouts for cracks and breaks so water is directed away from the house. Don’t forget to clear debris and leaves from the gutter. Next, check all the pipes for leaks. Replace old caulk. Finally, focus on your roof. Replace broken shingles and make sure that your roof is leak-proof. This is especially important if you haven’t had your roof inspected after the last bout of hail storms. You could also install solar panels on your roof that could help reduce your costs in several ways. You could also consider repainting your roof with a light shade like white to reflect the heat.

Bring out the paint

Besides aesthetics, paint also helps protect your home from the elements. If the paint on your walls is peeling off or chipping, it’s time for a new coat. Don’t forget your fences. Give them a fresh coat to prevent the wood from rotting and getting infested by mold and termites. The sun and heat can be just as damaging to fences and exterior wood as water and insects. If you’re painting the exterior of your home, make sure you select a light shade. Don’t forget the roof. This helps keep the heat out.

Prevent bug infestation

Everyone knows the summer brings in a variety of pests and bugs that fly around and give you sleepless nights. To keep the bugs from coming in, make sure that your house is properly sealed. Fix any gaps or drafts with caulk or stripping. Once it starts getting dark, keep all your windows and doors closed. You could also use pesticide, but make sure your pets don’t come in contact with it. You could also install mesh screens for your doors and windows.

Check your deck

Nothing beats sitting on your deck and enjoying a cool beverage, but before you can think of those relaxing evenings, you need to make sure your deck is in the best condition. You could protect the wood on your deck from the sun and rain using sealant, wood stain, or even paint.

Summers are meant for you to kick back and relax. But before you crack open that can of ice-cold soda (or your beverage of choice), you need to make sure that your property is prepared to face the stifling months ahead. Follow these steps as summer begins so you can save yourself some money and relax without any stress all through summer.