Back to school time for North Texas Students

It’s that time again. Packing backpacks, meet the teacher, and school supply shopping.

Yep, school supply shopping, it can be crazy, hectic, and outright exhausting. Here are a few options and tips to help make the task easier.

It all starts with the list. Here is a quick link to all Lewisville Independant School District (including Flower Mound school) schools:

Lewisville ISD

Let’s make it as easy as possible. Everyone likes easy. Unfortunately, there is no “easy button” for back to school. If you’re like most moms, strategic planning can help. Use the link above to print a list for all LISD schools your family attends.

Make sure to look out for deals. Doing a little online research or coupon clipping before heading to the store can save money. I know some of you busy Moms and Dads lack time to clip coupons and research deals. Completely understandable. Hours of coupon searching doesn’t sound very appealing to more parents. Check for an app. Almost every store has an app with tons of money saving coupons and scan codes. Some apps collect points for purchases that can be redeemed in store at any time. There’s no better time to collect points than now.

Here are a few of the apps I’d recommend for saving money, or collecting points:

Want to make it even easier? Order online and pick up at the store, yes the entire list! Try stores with grocery pickup, it’s incredible. I use Walmart grocery pickup at the Lewisville location on Justin Road, and can even get all school supplies using grocery pickup. It’s not just groceries (trust me it’s worth it). I order online through my app and select a pickup time that works for me. When it’s time for pick up I drive to the pickup parking spot and let them know I’ve arrived. On average I have my groceries loaded and set to go in 5 minutes! School supply shopping can’t get any easier than that. I’m 100% sold on grocery pickup.

Well, I said it doesn’t get any easier than that but it does. Some schools have the option to purchase a pack of school supplies already picked out by the school and incudes all needed supplies. This option isn’t too expensive, and you should always take into consideration the value of the time you’ll save. In my opinion it’s actually cheaper.

Happy shopping!

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