Fall Landscaping Ideas for your home

Autumn is often regarded the most beautiful of all seasons. The leaves change color, a slight chill in the air (although in North Texas the chill may only last until the sun comes out), and it’s almost time for Halloween. Everybody enjoys fall and all that comes with it, from nature’s beautiful magic tricks to sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows in your backyard.

It’s also the best time to show off your beautiful North Texas home. When you put up decorations for Halloween, stack pumpkins, and arrange seasonal plants in your garden, your home will look picture-perfect. Here are some landscaping ideas that can help you spruce up your garden during the fall.

Add some country-themed decorations

Create some classic country decorations and place them on your back deck or porch to bring out the true Texas spirit. Arrange pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, and mums around the walkway and steps leading to your front door. You could also arrange some cowboy hats and boots around your garden to give it the rustic western look. If you’re going for the spooky angle for Halloween, hang up some fake spider webs. Fall colors work really well with the classic country theme; warm autumn colors make any house look homey.

Spruce up your porch with some DIY designs

Your front porch can change dramatically even with simple changes like hanging a fall-inspired wreath on your front door instead of a boring doormat. A simple wreath consisting of fall leaves and flowers can make you home appear very inviting. You could also hang some flowering plants, which add small bursts of color to the front of your house. For Halloween, use playful decorations that the neighborhood kids will love.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins

Autumn is never complete without using pumpkins. During this season, you get gourds and pumpkins in abundance, so you can use them to make simple, artsy outdoor decorations. You could line them up on the steps of your property or place them in a planter. If the gourds are small, you can arrange them in a tray or a vase. Add a rustic touch by filling a basket with pumpkins, gourds, and squash. Place the basket on your porch, doorstep, or the patio. You could even try a different look with white pumpkins instead of orange ones. I love experimenting with different sized pumpkins of various colors. Gone are the days of only using the traditional orange pumpkins, so get playful with creative decorations. Not sure where to find pumpkins? Check out these local pumpkin patches and make a family day out of it.

Paint some colors with fall flowers

One of the best ways to spruce up your lawn is by planting some fall flowering plants. By now, your summer plants would have started fading. Plant vibrant flowering plants or mums around your walkway to add a zing of color to your home.

Clean the exterior of your house

When falls comes around, leaves start falling to the ground, making your home appear more exposed. This puts the exterior appearance of your property in the spotlight. It’s a good idea to wash the exterior of the house and clean your windows. Apply a fresh coat of paint in case you notice chipped or fading paint. This will revive the appearance of your home and also allow you to prepare your property for the oncoming winter. While you may get a break from the blistering North Texas sun, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for wind and potential winter weather on an unprotected home.

Add some shine with outdoor lights

Hang some lights like string lights or lanterns around your home to make it look warm and inviting. You could also use them to decorate and illuminate walkways. Use Christmas lights around the posts or pillars in your home and also string them around the pumpkins for a kitschy way to illuminate and decorate your property.

Try hardscaping your lawn

When put together, your soft landscaping and hardscape can work magic to improve the look of your property. You could create a focal point in your lawn or emphasize fall colors. Add elements like stone structures, walls, or rocks to add some wonderful contrast. You could also erect a pergola to make your lawn look more appealing.

These are some really simple ideas that you can use to spruce up the landscape of your home in North Texas. Celebrate fall and Halloween with your family and neighbors by decorating your house and getting into the festive spirit.

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