Top tips to get the best offer for your home

There are plenty of different things you’re going to want to do if you’re looking to get the best offer for your home in Flower Mound – but some are going to be more important than others.

Most everyone knows the value of keeping your home clean and tidy while you are showing it to prospective buyers, and most folks also understand the importance of curb appeal and staging. But if you really want to get the best possible offer for your home and your property, the kind of offer that comes in at asking price or above, you’ll want to make the most of the top tips to get the best offer that we highlight below.

Let’s dive right in!

You really want to price your home appropriately

Right out of the gate, you want to know exactly what your home is worth right now, and you want to be sure that you price it to move at an appropriate level that you are comfortable with and that will bring plenty of offers in at the same time.

A lot of folks just kind of turn this responsibility over to their Realtor (and rightly so when you’ve decided to list), but if you want to be sure that your home is priced appropriately – and that you are accurate in your thinking about the price that you would accept for your home – you’re going to want to do some of this price matching like work yourself.

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The Internet is going to be your best friend when it comes time to do this sort of research, but you want to ask your Realtor for comps and figures that can help you better understand your local market and what you really should be asking for your property today.

Knowing home values in your area before you list your home is always the best bet, because you’ll get a general overview that can help determine if you’re in a place to sell your home in the first place. The rule-of-thumb for any pricing you find online is that it should be used as a general guideline. Online valuations are by no means 100%, but they can provide a starting point.

Keep your closets half full

While most people think that getting their closets completely empty will give the illusion of unlimited storage, the truth of the matter is most folks are pretty bad at estimating just how much they can fit inside of a closet – and some people might think that closets are a lot smaller than they actually are.

A better trick is to keep your closets half full. Make sure they are neatly organized, but a closet that is half full gives the illusion that it is half used – and that there must be so much more space available that you can’t use all of it up yourself!

Get serious about your lighting

One of the top tips to get the best offer for your home is to make sure that you have the lighting inside and outside of your home dialed into the picture-perfect level.

Inside lights should be bright but never overbearing, warm but never sterile, and abundant while completely controllable and your outside lights should add plenty of “outdoor living space” and make your yard and your property safer when the sun goes down. Take time to really make sure that your lighting is helping you sell your property and you’ll be much more likely to get an offer.

It’s hard for home-buyers to fall in love with a property they can’t see!

Make sure your home is pet friendly without your furry little family members around

The truth of the matter is your home has a good chance of being purchased by a pet owner. But, not all of them are going to want to have to contend with your furry family member running around the house while they are going through the open house experience.

By all means, make sure that you show off just how pet friendly and pet accessible your home is by neatly organizing their toys and their bedding. Put their bowls in a conspicuous space that can be noticed without being in the way. Also, make sure your furry little ball of joy is “out to lunch” when they come for the tour to avoid any issues.

Don’t overdo it with upgrades

A lot of people are going to try and upgrade every aspect of their property when it comes time to sell. While you’ll definitely want to make necessary updates and upgrades to get the kind of asking price you are after, one of the top tips to get the best offer is to upgrade only what is necessary. Leave everything else for the new homeowners to customize and modify on their own. Check out these trendy bathroom update ideas for inspiration.

You don’t necessarily want your home to be a completely blank canvas (a bit of charm definitely helps homes move), but you do want the new homeowners to feel as though they are going to be able to put their fingerprints all over their new home. Keep the upgrades to a minimum, and always avoid overspending on one area while neglecting another.

An old adage in real estate is that you don’t want the nicest home in the neighborhood, but you also don’t want the shabbiest.

At the end of the day, if you take advantage of these tips and tricks you’re going to find it becomes a lot easier to get the kinds of offers you are looking for.

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